1. Tumblarians and Tumblibraries,

    I’m doing a bit of research for a presentation on branding on a budget in innovative ways, and I’ve seen some of you mention some really great promotional/branding ideas. Anything that you’re really proud of that you’d like others in the library community to know about? I’d be sure to credit you in the presentation, of course.

    P.S. Darien Library, I’m looking at you.

    Help a sister out?

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    Awesome outreach ideas!
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  8. lecieltumultueux answered: My library had a book discussion that met at the local coffee shop but ALSO always had a sign up with discarded bestsellers saying to stop in
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    This is awesome. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I would say that this is immediately applicable to most libraries,...
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    ^ THIS
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    omg darien library, you are my DREAM.
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    Great suggestions for marketing! While most of the ideas are more public or special libraries, they’re really moldable...
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    We are really into figuring out where the patrons are and then going there and talking to them about what we offer. Some...