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    “In the U.S., a half million free books will be handed out in towns and cities across America all on one day — April 23, 2013 — by enlisting 25,000 volunteer book lovers to help promote reading by going into their communities and personally handing out specially printed copies to light or non-readers and to those without the means or access to printed books.”

    I’d really love to participate in this next year!

    Doing this tonight!

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    World Book Night (created by Canongate publisher Jamie Byng, who met with me last week at the London Book Fair) is a...
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    Same! I’m looking for NJ libraries & library staff who are participating. Send ‘em my way, won’t you?
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    Why librarians are awesome!
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    Oooooh…what a great idea!
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    Doing this tonight!
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