1. Things I’ve done…

    a lot. 

    • Booking hotel and flight for BOSTON (nervous!)
    • Presenting at Spring KLA and had a blast!
    • Updating staff picks physical space and Pinterest boards tomorrow.
    • GETTING THE BOOKSHELVES (inordinate glee!)
    • Booking and prepping for four more instruction sessions for the semester (so far).
    • Updating DVD rotation (classic film and Orson Welles and some Hitch, naturally).
    • Prepping for PD presentations on mobile apps and techologies for the health sciences faculty and staff (super nervous about this too).
    • Scheduling a guest speaker for the 50th anniversary of the Letter from Birmingham Jail (super excited).
    • Prepping a presentation soon about our embedded librarian project in Blackboard course shells.
    • Scheduling my bountiful vacation days.

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