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    So today I was checking the INALJ (I Need a Library Job) daily email of job postings when I came upon this:

    Digital Archivist for Beyonce Parkwood Entertainment No location given- probably NYC Parkwood Entertainment is seeking a digital archivist interested in organizing and building an archive for a major pop star (Beyonce) starting with approximately 130 TB of footage with an eye to expanding further in the future. Candidates should have experience with servers and enterprise class storage and be able to recommend hardware solutions. Looking for someone to start immediately, pay is negotiable.  Prospective applicants should e-mail resume and cover letter to: Annette Govan - Ag@Parkwoodent.com and William Kirstein - William.Kirstein@gmail.com

    Mystery solved! Thanks Cait!

    Librarians: we’re awesome enough for Beyonce, aren’t we cool enough for you?

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    Now we must meet this person.
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    Wow, this sends me into daydreams about who else might need an archive. Maybe I’ll abruptly switch to Archiving classes,...
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    I was wondering why my tumblr was blowing up with reblogs for something I posted in 2011. Then I saw that Library...
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    I knew I should have done the dual stream.
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    THANK YOU VALERIE … I just really needed...know more about this.
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    You could be Beyonce’s librarian. This is what I’m talking about when I say that there are a billion different things...
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    Librarians: we’re awesome enough for Beyonce, aren’t we cool enough for you?
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    hahaha this is so amazing I had to reblog
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