2. The BAT Club is passing out FREE books for #WBN2014 and selling $1 Old Kentucky Chocolate bars at the bottom of the stairs in building 2!

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  6. End of the semester motivation.

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    thecrushedviolet has that in her store!

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    i like my mysteries cozy, my cats fluffy, and my information free


    I have one addendum to this list.

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    Overdue Library Fragrance


    It’s about time Bibliophiles had a fragrance all their own. Nothing like the warm blend of old paper in an English novel with a hint of leather bindings and worn cloth to remind you of old bookstores and libraries. CB I Hate Perfume is the collector and creator of scents for custom perfumes. In The Library scent was inspired from a favorite edition of a rare 1927 1st edition novel found in London many years ago. CB, the maker of the perfume said it had a marvelous worm-woody, slightly sweet smell and set about to bottle it. This unisex fragrance is available in four sizes from the CBIHPs site from $12 to $65. Overdue fees do not apply…Just so he doesn’t try to bottle that Old Man in the Sea odor.


  10. "I kind of hate to say it, since I am a librarian. We pay a lot of money for discovery tools. And then I go off and just use Google Scholar."

  11. Get To Know Your Tumblarians Tuesday: Do you use your super librarian info seeking skills for good or evil?


    Thanks for the question suggestions, everyone. A few of them were similar to previous ones so be sure to check out the archive here. And a special thanks to Kt for today’s choice.

    You’re a superstar searcher. You seek that information like NO OTHER. But let’s be honest…have you ever looked for info about someone before/after meeting them? Do you do it a lot? Do you go classic and look them up on Google or do you have elaborate algorithms to find them? Tell us. Don’t be ashamed!

    Oh, this is a good one! Most of the time, I look for information even after reference interviews, and have been known to email stuff to students. I will also pass resources or articles along on our FB page if I know it is particularly relevant to a current class assignment. 

    I encourage my students to use all the information available to them, but have recently  been encouraging them to think of information as "usable" vs. "citable." This seems to make sense to them and open up the possibility of using Google/Wikipedia for a primary search or to clarify search terms, but then to hunker down in databases for citable information. They have really responded to that.

    Yes, friends, I’m a librarian that likes Wikipedia!


  12. thegreatlibraryescape replied to your post “So, I really want to put in a proposal for our KY LIRT Retreat, but…”

    All of those are amazing topics. Do all the things.


  13. coffeecuplibrarian replied to your post “So, I really want to put in a proposal for our KY LIRT Retreat, but…”

    I like the low-tech ways idea. Everyone else limes to push tech, so it would be a nice change and a great “in case tech fails” possibility.

    Thank you! I’m really thinking about that one, considering everyone’s budgets.


  14. So, I really want to put in a proposal for our KY LIRT Retreat, but I’m not sure which avenue I want to pursue:

    • teaching instruction to non-traditional students
    • low-tech ways to encourage active learning in LI sessions
    • inquiry in LI sessions

    Thoughts on what would be most useful?

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