1. #latergram (at North Lime Coffee and Donuts)

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  2. *definitely penciling lecieltumultueux in for conference hangs*

  3. #louisville #streetart (at Saffron’s Restaurant)

  4. RELEASE THE BATS #louisville (at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory)

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  5. at 21c Museum Hotels

  6. "Sweaty feet" made of painted fabric and incredibly detailed quilting stitches. #louisville (at 21c Museum Hotels)

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  7. @dsransom and I playing with the rad installation art at 21c. #louisville (at 21c Museum Hotels)

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  8. I am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be KLA president-elect for 2014-15. This will give me opportunities that I’ve never had before and a chance to make a big difference.

    See y’all in Chicago for ALA Midwinter, and San Francisco for ALA Annual!


  9. OMG, alexamonster, how did I miss you?

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  11. Telling Stories with Technology


    I’m at a neat #KLA14 session on combining storytelling and technology to improve #infolit instruction. The University of Kentucky’s Beth Fuchs uses these two interesting fremium platforms:

    • Storybird, to create picture-book like lessons on research for first-year students.
    • PowToon to create amusing, engaging animated videos.

    Cool stuff.

  13. Into it. #louisville #latergram

  14. PIE TIME #yolo #kla14 with Emily, Sara, and @dsransom (at Homemade Ice cream and Pie Kitchen)

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  15. Librarian Legacies


    Which is the more important legacy amongst librarians of the past:

    1) Being one of the first and most influential advocates for librarian-led instruction; or

    2) Being the guy who invented that hole in the catalog cards?

    Both legacies belong to the same fellow — the University of Rochester’s Otis H. Robinson.

    I’ll be talking about Robinson at #KLA14 this Thursday!