1. Accessories for tomorrow’s costume. #ptkmonsterbash

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  4. gameraboy:

    Ava Gardner

  5. (Source: b-witched)

  7. Since we found out Delta State offers a 100% tuition waiver for Phi Theta Kappa students, we stopped by campus on our way home. Regretfully, the library was closed. 😩 (at Delta State University)

  8. We found this adorable place called Hey Joe’s cafe in Cleveland MS and records, and, cruelly, it was not a coffee shop. (at Hey Joe’s)

  10. dachweiler:

    art detail from vintage Halloween postcard

  11. Water! #OMG (at Ross Barnett Reservoir)

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  12. More dinner views. (at Cock of the Walk)

  13. Dinner view. (at Cock of the Walk)

  14. gravesandghouls:

    Betty Boop’s Halloween Party (1933)

  15. maudelynn:

    Don’t Be Scared On Halloween 

    Things Are Seldom What They Seem

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